Thursday, February 5, 2009

Headed to Auckland!

I have been granted a vacation. Sooo, I am headed to Auckland and the Northern part of the North Island. Biking, hiking and touring for a few days then a short trip to Sydney, Australia. I hope to tour the Opera House and do the bridge climb. Next update should have pictures from my adventure! Caron, Scott, and Little Owen are on vacation also. They are in Australia now.
We have a new doctor with us for 6 months. Her name is Laura. She is from Minnesota. She loves hiking, biking, and just about anything outdoors. We hope to tour most of New Zealand while she is here.


Bobbi said...

here's hoping you have a wonderful time!!!

Fram said...

Hi there, Jackie .... I have been snooping at your site. Blame Laura for pointing it out.

There is much here, so I will return to observe your journey since Day 1.