Saturday, October 11, 2008

Beach Visit With Scott, Caron, and Owen

On Saturday, Caron, Owen, Scott and me went to the beach. It was about 20 miles away on the West Coast. I think the name was Hemitangi. The sand even though volcanic is a grey sand, not a black sand. It was cold (40's) with strong winds! I found out just how strong when the wind caught Owen's ball (light rubber soccer size) and blew it down the beach. I was running as hard and fast as I could. I finally caught up with it about 0.2 tenths of a mile down the beach. Caron just got in the car and drove down!. The beach is wide and hard like Daytona. The water was beautiful but rough and cold. The sand dunes reminded me of the Dunes on Lake Michigan.
I have thrown in a picture of the bike lanes--very well marked and wide.

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