Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The First REAL Work day!

Well, I had my first true work day yesterday. It started with clinic. Actually saw and examined a few patients with the registrars (residents). Then scrubbed with Caron on a wound abscess evacuation, followed by a Caesar (C-section) with one of the first year registrars, and then scrubbed with Caron on an abdominal hysterectomy. Didn't make it home till 5:30 (a late day). I really enjoyed the surgery. Things are different--the OR is the 'theater', only the surgeons and scrub nurse wear masks in the OR, everyone has to gown and glove themselves, and for the very heavy patients they have a 'ball and chain'--got to love it--a heavy lead ball with a long chain that is hooked to two kocher clamps on the rectus fascia. The ball is then handed to anesthesia who drops it over the head of the table. Hell of a "self -retaining retractor."
The hospital is actually nice, but they still have 4 bed and 2 bed wards. The delivery rooms are true LDR rooms with a separate postpartum & antenatal floor and a nice nursery. They are "Baby Friendly" and Magnate designated! It was a rainy day so couldn't get pictures.
Tonight Caron, Owen, and I went grocery shopping! Except for the grocery stores everything else closes by 5:30 or 6:00. I am trying to stock my pantry in hopes of cooking sometime.
Well post some pictures of Owen and Caron.