Saturday, October 11, 2008

First Bike Ride

Well today I met with a few friends of Christine Woods and went for a New Zealand Bike ride. It was 45 miles through the country side. There were Christine, Linda, Marco, Kim, and myself.
Christine picked me up and took me to her house about 10 miles away. We all met there and rode out. Christine just bought a new road bike. Still not sure about the clipless pedals. At the mid point of the ride we stopped at friends of Christine. They have a 60 acre farm with Australian cattle--cross between a Texas Longhorn and a shaggy dog! Fun visit.
Then I proceeded to break my front derailleur cable and was stuck in low gear and because it threw the rear cassette out of line, I only had 2 of the lowest gears in which to ride. Very high cadence but couldn't get anywhere! Made it back to Christine's house and with some Kiwi ingenuity was able to get it into the middle chain ring but still only 2 gears on the rear. I then decided to ride the ten miles back to Palmerston North. I had strong head winds most of the way. Even had to pedal to go down hill!! It was then that I wished I had the low gears back.
It was a lot of fun! Great day. Weather was sunny but in the 40's early then upper 50's at the end of the ride.
It is back to work tomorrow for the week.
Will post pictures of the Beach visit on Saturday and the Ride today.
Love you all back home!

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