Monday, October 6, 2008

First Day at Work

Today is Monday 6th of October my first day at work in New Zealand. I woke to a bright sunny day in contrast to the rain yesterday (of coarse it is a work day). Christine Wood of physician services picked me up and took me in to the Hospital. More paper work and fun fun lab testing--MRSA--swabs up my nose and in my 'privates' and then on to picture taking and badge making. Met the Hospital operators who requested every possible way of contacting me--home phone, cell phone, next of kin, best friend, banker and loan officer...then they gave me a beeper just in case:):)
The rest of the day was spent with the director of the O&G (that is what it is called here--not OB/GYN) department and residency program. He took me on a whirlwind tour of the Hospital. Then he gave me the work roster and call schedule--not bad--one call per week, one weekend out of six, and three half days off per week. I think I am going to like this job!
Did not get to ride today but walked home, about 30 minutes, then after dinner took another walk around the neighborhood. The flowers are beautiful! Tomorrow I will take my camera and post pictures of these.
Bed time, God bless you all at home, I miss and love you!

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