Saturday, October 18, 2008

End of Orientation

Well Friday ended the orientation, next week I am on my own with a full schedule (not that I have not had a full schedule). Friday was an all day OR day--CSection for complete previa bleeding, Exploratory Lap for TOA which truned out to be ruptured appendix with horrible pelvic abdomenal abscess, Repeat CSection, Laparoscopy for lost IUD, and D&C Hysteroscopy EUA for PMB.

Had to buy a car--Blue like my bike. It is great fun driving here! I sit on the right and drive on the left. I turn on the wipers and wash the wind shield everytime I try to turn--turn signal is on the right not the left. I am always reaching for my seat belt on the left but it is on the right! The gear shift is on the left too--very glad to have an automatic. And the driving rules are different. A car making a turn across oncoming traffic has the right of way! The round abouts are FUN, better than stop signs and lights anyday.

Made it to the Manawatu Gorge. It is beautiful. Reminds me of Ireland up north in the Connemara. I also got to see the Wind Farm up close. It is the largest one in the Southern Hemisphere, producing the electricity for a large part of NZ. Amazing!

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